You are changing the world. 

Through your organization, your mission, your actions. Everyday.

And if you are proud of your work, I'm guessing you wouldn't mind if more people knew about it. 

Because if more people connected with your story - really connected on an emotional level - you could have an even greater impact.

Well, helping people see how beautiful their world can be is what I do.

My design and production work has won national and international  awards, and our films have helped raise millions for nonprofit organizations and increased sales for mission-driven companies.

But I smile at the end of every day that I help someone like you  connect with your audience.

 And I'm ready to share my craft and 30+ years of experience in telling visual stories that inspire.

Because when you are changing the world for the better, your story deserves to be told in a way that moves people to action.

In the meantime...

Want to see something that will put you in a good mood? Watch one of the award-winning   original films we create at Crossbow Studio.

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Greg Koorhan