How We Help You Create Your Compelling Story

There is a six-step process we use to craft and produce your compelling story. Each step focuses on a key component that, in combination, virtually guarantees your audience will be moved to action.


We’ll start with an honest Assessment, where I’ll ask the right questions to uncover your  Values,   Vision  and Authentic Voice. Most people think the magic happens when the camera rolls, but it really starts with good strategic thinking. And these important elements will inform everything that follows, so it's vital we dig deep.

There is no judgement in this step, but some of these questions may seem a little uncomfortable. In fact, if it doesn't get a little awkward, then chances are I haven't done my job.


Next we’ll do a little work to understand the competition, map out your positioning and understand your Ideal Customer’s mindset relating to your product or service, so that the story we tell is relevant and valuable to them.


Armed with a clear picture of where you are going and what is important to your Ideal Customer, we’ll work with you to develop a Budget and map out a Production Schedule. During this pre-production phase we'll draft a Script that works as the foundation for the rest of the production.


Locations determined and cast of characters ready, our Production team will use the most appropriate tools - cameras, lighting and sound - to capture the  images and  other assets  needed.


The sound and  imagery are skillfully edited together with  music, titles and effects to form a cohesive and compelling story. The approved draft is color corrected, compressed and made ready for playback on the platform of your choice.


Remember, your story is only valuable if your audience can see it, so after the video is ready, you need to focus on how to effectively deliver it.  We have a an entire process for nurturing your customers  as they travel trough the sales process, so we can advise you  here as well.

A key reason your new video(s) will be successful is because  this process is designed to help you create an  emotional connection with your audience.

We've seen first hand the power of  creating and communicating a compelling story that drives an audience to action.

Ready to experience how a well-told story on video  can work for you?