A new look around here

When we started Crossbow Studio in 2005, we approached our services the way an agency would. That was our background. (Way, way background, at this point…) But we quickly realized we were a little different. We not only developed the brand message for our clients, but we produced the content as well. Some of that content was video. And as our video production capabilities increased, as more and more clients were approaching us specifically for video, it became clear we needed to organize our portfolio so that it could be easily found by the nonprofit organizations we enjoy working with. Hence, a site dedicated to video production. In truth, we still approach every project, your project, large or small, with the mindset of “how does this support your brand strategy?” But if you know you need video to help you tell your story, and you are ready to tell it with authenticity so that your donors are moved to action, our hope is the newly redesigned site will help us connect faster.